Critters Gone Urban did a fantastic job. We had a skunk that had been coming around at night and stinking up our house. It may or may not have made a home under our deck. I called Critters Gone Urban and spoke with Tim, the owner. He listened to my problem and was up front about different options and costs. We ended up going with a long-term solution, wrapping the bottom of the deck in galvanized steel. It looks fantastic, actually , and was done with a real attention to detail. Not a bolt out of place, no cut corners. Tim was on the job site himself throughout the whole process, which really impressed me. He is honest about potential costs and fair every step of the way. He put me and my family first and not once did I feel taken advantage of. He will be our go to if anything else happens, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who asks. I would give 6 stars if I could, a real class act.

Jarrett L.

Contacted Critters Gone Urban on Friday & Tim came on Saturday. Had a bird problem building a nest in a vent so he took care of it in a very short time! Highly recommend them!

Maureen F.

We originally hired another local company to remove a raccoon from our attic. BIG MISTAKE! In the morning when I would check the trap, whatever he put in trap to feed raccoon would be on the ground and no raccoon. This went on for three weeks and every time I questioned him, he would tell me I needed to be patient, it takes time. I finally had enough and I called Tim from Critters Gone Urban. He just smiled and told me there was a time to be patient and a raccoon living in your attic wasn't it. After the last three weeks, I was skeptical but did hire them. BEST DECISION EVER! They caught raccoon the first night, removed baby raccoons and clean up my attic. I only have one regret, I wish I would have found and hired Tim first. Highly recommend them and would use them again.

Mike C.

Rockford, IL

My husband called around trying to find someone to take care of a coyote we we're having problems with, it was trying to get our small dog. He got ahold of another company that didn't do coyotes but recommend Tim. Tim came out, listened to our problem and agreed the coyote was a danger and needed to be removed. Long story short, Tim explained what would happen and everything went exactly as he said it would. He caught the coyote and we are so happy to finally be able to take our dog outside again. Wouldn't use anyone else. Thank you so much!!!!

N. B.

Rockford, IL

Tim was very knowledgeable about our bat problem and took the time to explain everything to use. He not only cared about the bats, but our home as well and even cleaned up our attic. We couldn't be more pleased. Thank you!

Lena S

Roscoe, IL

Thank you for coming out and getting rid of our mouse problem and preventing them from coming back. I don't know what we would have done because we tried everything. Thank you

Nate M.

South Beloit, IL

We were using Rocky's Pest Control for yearly maintenance and keeping bugs and mice out of our home. We noticed a few mice and contacted Critters Gone Urban. Tim came right away to help out and did exclusions. He came several times to help with the job and assisted in checking bait stations and finding the most reasonable exclusion for our home that wouldn't cost a fortune. He has come out three times and has been so helpful. He has eliminated our mouse problem and given peace of mind to me as I do not like mice. Thanks Tim for being so awesome. Highly recommend Critters Gone Urban!!

Amanda Van Lanen