Bat Removal in the Roscoe, Rockford, IL & West Plains, MO Areas

Bat Removal in the Roscoe, Rockford, IL & West Plains, MO Areas

Protect your home by knowing the signs of a bat problem

Seeing bats or evidence:

  • Bats in Attic
  • Hearing scratching noises in attic or walls
  • Bats exiting or entering home
  • Bats exiting or entering Chimney
  • Bats getting in home
  • Bats getting in basement
  • Bat droppings on or around exterior of home
  • Bat droppings in attic

There are several different species of bats in Illinois but most problems we encounter are with Big Brown Bats and Little Brown Bats. These little guys are unique and beneficial critters but when they start using our homes as their cave or entering our living space, they can pose a health risk to family and pets. Due to health risks and damage caused by bats living in our homes they present a unique problem because bats are beneficial to our environment and protected by law.

So how do we solve this problem?

Removing bats from a home, business, or structure unharmed, is very specialized work that can be done successfully by exclusion. Bat exclusion work is a methodical approach achieved through careful planning, timing and materials specific to bat exclusion work to solving your bat problem but due to the many hazards of bat exclusion work, is best left to a company like Critters Gone Urban that has insured trained professionals to solve all your bat control needs.

Bats are gone! Now what?

Now that Critters Gone Urban has successfully removed your bats, we can now move into the next and last phase, which is the attic restoration work. Please click onattic restoration for more details.

IMPORTANT: If you wake up to a bat in your house or if you're not sure when bats got in DO NOT RELEASE the bat. Bats will need to be caught and turned over to your local Health Department for rabies testing.

If you are wanting info on Illinois bats, found a bat in home, bat in yard and aren't sure what to do, please see one of the links below.